Finally! A small compact self cleaning rotational filter specifically designed for the fish farmer that everyone can afford.

Engineered from the ground up, this unit is constructed entirely of High impact PVC materials including the one piece precision milled rotating drum. There is nothing in this filter to corrode even in salt water environments. Using a 55 micron filter mesh this automatic cleaning filter may be the only filter you will ever need.

This unit will remove all fish waste, algae and, because of its drum bar design, sand and other loose materials.


Particulate loaded effluent from the culture tank enters the inside of the drum. The drum is covered with very small nylon screen which will allow the water to pass through (up to 200 gallons per minute with a 55 micron mesh) but trap the particulate. Being a very small screen and depending on the amount of particulate in the water, the screen can become clogged very fast. Since the drum is not rotating during the normal filtering process it will begin to fill with water as the screen becomes more and more clogged. A sensor inside the drum will detect this water rise and when the level reaches a certain point it will turn on a 1/4 hp. gear motor which will then begin to rotate the drum. At the same time a high pressure spray nozzle located on the outside of the drum turns on and cleans the screen, pushing the waste into a discharge trough. After the screen is clean, the spray and the motor shut down. Energy efficient, this unit only draws about 5 amps of power when the drum is turning and zero when it is not. In a normal fish culture operation with moderate effluent in the water this drum might not even need to clean for an hour or more and the rotation time will be less than a minute.

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